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Your Expert House Survey Specialist serving Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and surrounding counties.

A House Survey (also often called a Pre-Purchase Structural Survey, Building Survey or Home Survey) is one of our most popular and frequently carried out services, and is our specialty. We are considered a leading House Survey expert in Ireland.

We carry out Pre-Purchase House Survey inspections of properties of all types and ages and in any location in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, Louth and all Surrounding Counties.

A House Survey and detailed report provides the information that you need to make an informed purchasing decision on a property.

We do not put a time limit on House Survey inspections, and will never leave until we are happy that the job is done and that we have the information that is needed.

We are considered Pre-Purchase House Survey experts of property of all types, and are happy to look at any property for you whether you are buying a three bedroom semi-detached house, a one off rural bungalow with well water supply and septic tank, or period property. We will give appropriate and dedicated attention to the property that you are buying.

Rest assured if you are purchasing a home and wish to know as much as you can before buying, you have come to the right place.

Buying a new home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. While the house you have selected may seem ideal, how can you be sure there aren’t potentially serious issues which may make your dream home a costly one?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should learn as much as you can about the property by having a House Survey carried out by a Registered Building Surveyor before you buy. Get a free quote todayclick here.

House Survey Dublin

A Registered Building Surveyor is specifically trained, qualified and experienced to carry out any Pre-Purchase House Survey for you. Perri Registered Building Surveyors are specialist House Surveyors.

We have 20+ years experience specialising in House Surveys and have inspected over 10,000 houses and apartments in that time. We will inspect your new home until satisfied that everything that can be done to protect your interests has been carried out. We take our business and your interests very seriously.

Our house survey inspections focus on the main areas that affect you as a potential buyer. Main focus is always on major potential issues such as structural failure, subsidence, water ingress, leaks and dampness.

Every property is individual and we treat it as such.

The following are considered as part of our Pre-Purchase House Survey inspections:

Our house survey reports give clear, considered and reflective practical advice.

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House Survey FAQ

A House Survey is an objective meticulous and comprehensive visual assessment of a property ahead of purchase. An opinion and report is formulated based on inspection observations, and the property type, age and risk profile.

A House Survey, often called a Pre-Purchase Survey, Structural Survey, Building Survey or Home Survey gives a home buyer an impartial and objective detailed evaluation of the overall condition of a property prior to purchase. It provides peace of mind, drastically reducing risk associated with what is for most people the largest financial purchase that they will ever make.

The primary function of a House Survey is to identify and advise on structural failure or defect, other evident or potential major issues, and any significant water ingress or damp issues. It also provides information on items that may need to be maintained, repaired or replaced. It also identifies evident issues that could or will incur significant cost to remedy. A House Survey will help you to avoid a ‘Money Pit’ type property, or at least make you aware of issues and likely extensive renovation cost if you decide to proceed.

A House Survey will normally also provide information on potential risk associated with a particular property type and profile, and advise you regarding any advised or required further specialist inspections or investigations.

A House Survey and detailed report provides the information that you need to make an informed purchasing decision on the property.

A House Survey also assists your solicitor with any possible title issues.

It identifies evident alterations that may require Planning Permission, and / or a Certificate of Compliance. We are also frequently asked to check vendor’s professionals Opinions and Certificates of Compliance to ensure that they match the scope of the extensions or alterations that are present, and are appropriate to cover the alteration in question. It is amazing how often certification can be inaccurate or inadequate.

We also make you aware of evident potential boundary issues and breaches as part of inspection. Detailed boundary advices are provided in our reports.

If any further Title or PRA (Property Registration Authority) Land Registry Compliant Map checks are necessary, then these can also be carried out (for an additional fee if required). We will also carry out a cursory check of broad outline accuracy as part of a House Survey if a map is provided by your solicitor.

Note that where confirmation and certification of a boundary is required, this is normally a matter to be arranged and paid for by the vendor.

There is no difference between a House Survey, Pre-Purchase Survey, Building Survey, and Structural Survey. A House Survey has been and continues to be called any of the above.

No, it is a completely different service.

A purchaser should note that a surveyor carrying out a Mortgage Valuation for a bank or building society is NOT carrying out a Pre-Purchase House Survey on your behalf or paying the detailed attention required to the condition of the property and its many components, but is merely ascertaining the VALUE of the property to facilitate the Lending Institution in making their deliberations on the mortgage.

Generally 15-20 minutes is actually spent by a Valuer at the property and therefore a Valuation should NEVER be deemed to comprise a full and properly informative Pre-Purchase House Survey.

When choosing most services, people will generally be guided by the recommendations of others and by reputation. At we get more than half of our business through referral from Solicitors, Brokers, Lending Institutions, and most importantly from our Customers, and our reputation and track record is second to none. Also, we have some of the most competitive rates in the Dublin area. So why choose us?

One of the most important factors to consider is whether the Registered Surveyor specialises in Pre-Purchase House Surveys. At Perri Building Surveyors Ltd, Pre-Purchase House Surveys form the core of our business and are our speciality. We inspect any type of property of any age and evident condition.

Please find more information on the following pages:

Simple. It’s a Survey – Choose a Surveyor specialising in pre-purchase house surveys.

A specialist Registered Building Surveyor has vast experience in carrying out House Surveys, and is suitably trained and specialises in this area. We have carried out over 10,000 Home Surveys since establishment as private practice surveyors in 2002.

There are many cross over’s in the work carried out by Surveyors, Engineers and Architects, however normally each specialise in certain areas.

As Registered Building Surveyors we specialise in House Surveys and Apartment Surveys and have vast experience in this area.

Pre-Purchase House Surveys are a core competency of Registered Building Surveyors. That’s why it’s best to choose a Registered Surveyor for this type of work. Building Surveyors also specialise in relevant related areas, such as Compliance Certification, Land / Boundary Issues and Mapping and have a comprehensive understanding of many other areas that arise as part of a property purchase.

You also have the added protection of State Registration of Building Surveyors.

There is currently no similar state registration for Engineers.

Buying a new home may be the biggest single investment you’ll ever make. While the house you have selected may seem ideal, how can you be sure there aren’t potentially serious hidden defects, which may make your dream home a costly one indeed!

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should learn as much as you can about the property’s condition and need for repairs before you buy, by booking a House Survey. Having your future new home inspected by a Registered Building Surveyor as early as possible in the buying process could save you a potential fortune on unexpected maintenance and repairs of evident defects.

Where issues are identified, you may be able to adjust / reduce the purchase price accordingly with the vendor. This is becoming increasingly common.

The cost of even small repairs, which can run into thousands of euro, far exceeds the minimal cost of a Pre-Purchase House Survey.

Don’t leave it until the last minute!

In the case of a Second Hand House or Apartment, it is vitally important to have as much information about the property you are proposing to buy as early as is possible in the buying process and therefore you should have a Pre-Purchase House Survey carried as soon as is possible (ideally as soon as possible after paying a booking deposit to the agent) to help make an informed decision on how to progress.

Note that in the case of a newly built House or Apartment, inspection is normally carried out when the builder informs you that the property is ready to have a Snag List completed.

A more important question is how long it should take.

For most people, this is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make. It is essential that you take your time.

Many issues that can arise may be missed if your team are pressured, or in too much of a hurry to take the appropriate time required to protect you. Inspection findings often take time to consider, with issues such as evident boundary breaches and planning / compliance certification for alterations requiring time to assess, including further discussion and documentary evidence to be requested and considered. Often title issues will need to be referred to your solicitor for assessment and confirmation.

It is important that you engage a Registered Building Surveyor to carry out a House Survey as early in the purchase process as possible, ideally as soon as a booking deposit is paid to the estate agent.

As a rule, the Pre-Purchase House Survey inspection is generally within a week of booking, however that can vary during busy periods. Where necessary we will discuss findings with you directly after the inspection, and a formal written report will follow in due course. Terms of Engagement will outline usual time period to reporting. We work carefully, and this can take time. We will never rush your inspection.

Note: We generally advise that you work on your own timescale as much as possible. Purchasers are under increasing pressure to hurry, from Estate Agents, Vendors, Banks, and sometimes even their own Solicitors, or also due to pressure to leave a rental property. Take your time. If a mistake is made due to undue haste, none of the aforementioned people will pay the price, you will. – Getting you Closer to Home!

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