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State Registration for Building Surveyors is a Legal Requirement. State / SCSI Registered Surveyors have achieved the highest standard of qualification and recognition in the profession.

A Registered Building Surveyor is specifically trained, qualified and suitably experienced to carry out survey services including House Survey and Apartment Survey Inspections.

Most Registered Building Surveyors are Chartered Members of CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building), SCSI (Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland), or CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers).

Many Registered Building Surveyors are also Chartered Members of more than one of the above organisations.

These three institutions are the main recognised bodies for Building Surveyors under legislation.

Suitably qualified and experienced state / SCSI assessed members of these three institutions, CIOB, SCSI, and CABE are considered as being competent to practice as Registered Building Surveyors in Ireland.


Certified Building Surveyors in Dublin, Ireland

It is ultimately Registration that determines eligibility and fitness to practice as a Building Surveyor. Registered Building Surveyors have had to undergo rigorous scrutiny under both Institution and State Registration process, during which appropriate qualification, training and experience is assessed.

A Registered Building Surveyor must act in accordance with strict Code of Conduct of The Institutions mentioned above, and the State Registration Board.

A Registered Building Surveyor must also carry adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance, and carry out satisfactory ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

This is why you should only choose a Registered Building Surveyor to Survey your new home.

Protection of the title ‘Building Surveyor’ was introduced in the Building Control Act 2007. The use of the title is restricted to suitably qualified persons who have been included on a statutory register.

If you work in Ireland as a Building Surveyor it is legally required that you be State / SCSI Registered.

Registration ensures that all individuals that are registered have achieved a defined level of professional and academic qualification, have the necessary experience and competence to practice, and that the consumer will benefit from the reassurance that they will receive a quality service.

The register includes only those individuals who have appropriate education, training and experience at an appropriate standard, to enable them to use the title ‘Building Surveyor’.

The State Register is maintained by the Society of Chartered Surveyors (SCSI).

So is your Building Surveyor Registered?
Check the Building Surveyor Register to make sure!

It is advised that you check that the actual individual Building Surveyor (and not just the company owner) who will carry out your home inspection is a State / SCSI Registered Building Surveyor.

You should ask for the name and registration number of the individual who will be carrying out your new home survey, and check the SCSI register to see if they themselves are registered.

If they are not registered as a Building Surveyor, they may not be suitably qualified or experienced to carry out your inspection to the highest possible standard.

This could include non-registered individual employees of a firm, or referred individuals of a booking service middle man. Survey booking services, sometimes run by non surveyors are not regulated or overseen by industry professional institutions, and may not provide the protections to you that are included when you engage a Registered Building Surveyor to inspect your new home.

Ours is not a referral service, all of our inspections are carried out by us in house and by a highly experienced State / SCSI registered surveyor.

Please find a handy link below to check if the surveyor actually inspecting for you is registered.
Don’t be afraid to ask for the name of the actual surveyor who is carrying out your inspection. A Registered Building Surveyor will never mind.

If you search for Francis Perri or B0169 you will find my registration reference.

My State / SCSI Building Surveyor Register Registration Number is B0169

Is Your BS Registered?

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