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Your Expert House Survey & Apartment Survey Specialists serving Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and other areas.

A Pre-Purchase Survey (also often called a Pre-Purchase Structural Survey, Structural Survey, House Survey, Apartment Survey and Building Survey) is our most popular and frequently carried out service, and is our specialty. We are considered a leading expert in Pre-Purchase Survey of Houses and Apartments.

We carry out Pre-Purchase Surveys of properties of all types and ages and in any location in Dublin and all Surrounding Counties, so rest assured if you are buying a property and wish to know as much as you can before buying, and avoid potential disaster, you have come to the right place.

A pre-purchase survey and detailed report provides the information that you need to make an informed purchasing decision on the property.

We do not put a time limit on inspection, and will never leave until we are happy that the job is done and that we have the information that is needed.

We are considered experts in property of all types, and are happy to look at any property for you whether you are buying a modern apartment, three bedroom semi-detached, one off rural bungalow with well water supply and septic tank, or period property. We will give appropriate and dedicated attention to the property that you are buying, no matter the type.

  • Our buyer focused report format works.
  • Our reports are user friendly, easy to understand, and to the point.
  • Our reports cover all relevant matters appropriate to the property type, age, condition and findings.
  • Our reporting has been developed over 20+ years, and is tried and tested.
  • Our reporting format is preferred by Solicitors and Lenders.
  • Our reports are tailored and personalised to each individual property and focus on the issues that we know matter to you as a purchaser, based on our vast experience over 20+ years.

Buying a new home may be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. While the house you have selected may seem ideal, how can you be sure there aren’t potentially serious issues which may make your dream home a costly one?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should learn as much as you can about the property by having a house survey or apartment survey carried out by a Registered Building Surveyor before you buy. Get a free quote today – click here.

Registered Building Surveyors Dublin

A Registered Building Surveyor is specifically trained, qualified and experienced to carry out any Pre-Purchase House Survey or Pre-Purchase Apartment Survey for you. Perri Building Surveyors Ltd specialise in this area.

We have 20+ years experience specialising in residential property surveying and have inspected over 10,000 houses and apartments in that time.

We will inspect your new home until satisfied that everything that can be done to protect your interests has been carried out. We take our business and your interests very seriously. Most of our referrals come from previous clients. Our record speaks for itself.

Our inspections focus on the areas that affect you as a potential buyer. Main focus is always on major potential issues such as structural failure and dampness.

Every property is individual and we treat it as such.

The following are considered as part of our Pre-Purchase House Survey inspections:

We frequently make recommendation for additional checks by your solicitor, particularly regarding evident alterations requiring Planning Permission and / or Certificates of Compliance from the vendors, and also regarding any evident boundary issues.

Our reports give clear, considered and reflective practical advice.

Regarding Apartment Surveys

It is every bit as important to have an apartment survey carried out as a house survey. Apartments can have every chance of significant issue as a house, and often more.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for significant issues and concerns to come to light during Apartment Surveys. Issues also frequently arise as part of solicitor requisitions and history checks including those based on advice that we provided after an inspection. In many cases a sale can fall through due to issues ranging from fire safety concerns, structural issues, water ingress and dampness, pyrite, and financial levy issues and concerns, and lack of adequate Management Company sinking fund.

It is vital that you do not inherit somebody else’s problem.

In addition to many of the issues mentioned above, apartments are prone to particular and frequently occurring defects such as:

Please see a very small sample selection below of typical properties inspected and some defects commonly observed. Get a free quote today – click here.

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